Amon Tobin: ISAM Live Trailer




This is the official, extended, trailer for Amon Tobins’ live show for ISAM, his latest release. I am so looking forward to seeing this mind-blowing audio/video spectacle when it drops into Toronto at the Opera House, Sunday, 23 Oct 2011.  The stage will feature a stunning 25′ x 14′ x 8′ multi-dimensional/ shape shifting 3-D art installation surrounding Tobin and enveloping him and the audience in a beyond 3-D experience. Designed in conjunction with Blasthaus, VSquared Labs, Vita Motus Design, Leviathan and others. Props to the all those involved in this production ’cause it looks amazing!


Amon Tobin Tour Dates


Amon Tobin: ISAM Live: Mutek Premiere

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