Black Origami by Jlin






Out of the electronic darkness the Gary, Indiana-based producer, and alchemist, Jlin delivers Black Origami. In her second album from Planet Mu’s label, Jlin delves deeper into the abyss and organically constructs and improvises architectural layers that build and deconstructs music into genre-bending soundscapes of calm chaos and familiar percussive rhythms of abstract dreams. Damn!!! This is sweet!

“Black Origami” is driven by a deep creative thirst which she describes as “this driving feeling that I wanted to do something different, something that challenged me to my core. Black Origami for me, comes from letting go creatively, creating with no boundaries. The simple definition of origami is the art of folding and constructing paper into a beautiful, yet complex design. Composing music for me is like origami, only I’m replacing paper with sound. I chose to title the album “Black Origami” because like “Dark Energy” I still create from the beauty of darkness and blackness. The willingness to go into the hardest places within myself to create for me means that I can touch the Infinity.”


  1. Black Origami
  2. Enigma
  3. Kyanite
  4. Holy Child
  5. Nyakinyua Rise
  6. Hatshepsut
  7. Calcination
  8.  Carbon 7 (161)
  9. Nandi
  10. 1%
  11. Never Created, Never Destroyed
  12. Challenge (To Be Continued)
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