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Music Videos

In celebration of Elton John’s and Bernie Taupin’s 50-year writing partnership, the duo has released videos for “Tiny Dancer,” “Rocket Man,” and “Bennie and the Jets”, which at the time of their release, the early 70s, did not have videos. Together with YouTube a music video competition was held with 3 categories, animation, choreography and live action.

Bennie & The Jets, choreographed by Laura Brownhill and directed by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill, explores the genesis of Bennie & The Jets by way of a contest in a science fiction scenario.

Bennie & The Jets video credits:

Bennie: Karen Bengo (karenbengo)
Jet: Fanny Sage (sagefanny)
Rocket: Dominant Namek (dominantwipez)
Comet: Joshua Hubbard (jjoshuahubbardd/)
Gynoid: Anna Engerström (annaengerstrom)
Galaxy: Benny Maslov (bennymaslov)
Martian: Lee Bridgman (leeb_official)
Star: Chloe Ferns (chloeferns)
Luna: Oxana Panchenko (oxana7165)
Compere: NIco Migliorati (nico_migliorati)

Behind the camera:
DOP: Marc Gómez Del Moral
Choreography: Aaron Sillis
Assistant Choreographer: Pat Boguslawski
Costumes: Rosa Dias
Hair & Make up: Monika Swiatek & Marta Wozniak
Steadicam: Rick Woollard & Thomas English
Production: Rattling Stick
Producer: Tess Mitchell
Casting: Sillis Movement

Rocket Man is an animated personal interpretation of Elton’s iconic hit, Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin reimagines “Rocket Man” to tell a whole new story of adventure, loneliness, humanity, kindness and hope.

Tiny Dancer, directed by Max Weiland, reflects on life in Los Angeles as a place and personae with different lives intertwining, telling and stories unfolding behind the wheel of their cars.

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