Honey Hunters of Nepal by Eric Valli






The Himalayan Gurung men of Nepal definitely have more of a sweet tooth than I do and I’m not sure to what extent photographer Eric Valli went through to capture these images. The Himalayan honey bee exist only in the Himalayas and build their nests from 8,200 to 13,500 ft. The nests can contain as much as 130lbs of honey and interestingly different types of honey can be found at different altitudes. Twice a year, Gurung tribesmen of west-central Nepal enter the jungle in search of honey. Harvesting involves descending a 200 foot rope ladder and balancing a basket and a long pole to chisel away at a giant honey comb of up to 2 million bees and catching about 130lbs of honey in the basket. Big up awarding winning photographer, filmmaker and author Eric Valli for risking life to give us these sweet images of the Honey Hunters of Nepal.

Eric Valli’s site: ericvalli.com

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