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I’ve got to admit… when I saw the promo photos for Misteur Valaire I wasn’t expecting much from this laid back unassuming group of guys. Yeah, I know but I’m superficial like that. That being said… when I walked into Friday night’s Franco-Fête after party I believed I said “Holy Shit!”. The small stage was bumping big beats with over saturated, trippy, technicolored lighting, psychedelic images filled several screens and the band spat out some really good party get-off-your-ass and jam music. Horns, bass, keyboard, turntables and a heavy dose of funk… what’s not to love… I’m now a big fan of the band.

Put together five guys who’ve known each other since they were 6 years old, give them a trumpet, a saxophone, sequencers, percussions, turntables, a drum, a bass and a couple of keyboards, and you get Juno nominated Misteur Valaire (MV). Misteur Valaire is made up of Jules (drums, decks, programming), To (trumpet, piano, synth, programming), DRouin (saxophone, synth), Luis (percussions and spokes person) and France (bass, synth). How to describe MV’s style? Well it’s neither electro or hip-hop nor is it jazz or rock. In fact, it’s a wild mix of all that, with brass, samplings and beats to make you dance all night! The five spread a contagious humorous energy everywhere they play. You’ve got to see them live just the see the energy behind their sound.

Avo Mucho is a catchy tune and with a nice off center, quirky video. It’s got a throwback “back in the day when rap was fun”. The song Avo Mucho is from their 3rd album, launched on May 18th 2010, Golden Bombay. Check ’em out and support them.

Performance Credits:

Live production designed by artist/director Brigitte Poupart
Video designer – Loïc Thériault
Costumes – Jennifer Bergeron

Video Credits

Executive producer – Veronique Tessier
Director – Iouri Philippe Paillé
Director of photography – Van Royko
Production managers – Alexandra Quesnel & Véronique Tessier
Art director – Soleil Denault
Stylist – Stéphanie l’Allier
Editor – David Valiquette

Album Credits

Music composed and performed by MV
Band members; DRouin, Jules, Rob, Luis and France
Produced by Loïc Thériault & MV
Mixed by Loïc Thériault & MV.
Mastering by Ryan Morey, Ryebread Mastering
Graphic Design by Soleil Denault

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