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Singer / Songwriter/ Producer Sasha Perera, aka who also DJs under the name Mother Perera, wrote and recorded her new album, All of This, in Berlin, Istanbul, and Mumbai over the course of three years. Her original and adventurous sound is captured perfectly and quirkily…? in the video for Something’s Up, the 1st single and the 1st of a video trilogy for the upcoming album drop, which is due June 2nd, 2017.

Video Director
Hugo Holger Schneider

Album Tracks

  1. Something’s Up
  2. The Other Side
  3. Happened
  4. Tomorrow South
  5. Karam
  6. Big Heart
  7. Girl From Monotronica
  8. All Of This
  9. Shoes
  10. Runaway
  11. Weary
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