The Harder They Come: The Soundtrack








Toutted as one of the greatest reggae soundtracks of all time The Harder They Come boasts some of the nicest vibes produced and still stands the test of time. When Perry Henzel’s ‘The Harder They Come’ was released in 1973 it was an underground success as it showed the gritty beauty of real Jamaica. Jimmy Cliff plays Ivan Martin, a musician from country (rural in Jamaica is known as bush/country) Jamaica who comes to Kingston in search of fame and fortune. Of course, the search leads to desperation, shady producers and corruption. The character is based on a real-life badman (criminal) of the 1940’s, Rhygig.

The Harder They Come was developed for the stage as a musical in 2005 in the UK. And it seems there’s a remake of this classic movie in the works. The original film was produced, written and directed by Perry Henzel and his daughter, Justine Henzel will be the producer on the remake. Chris Salewicz (Third World Cop) is the screenwriter and the production is slated for 2012.

The Harder They Come soundtrack


  1. Jimmy Cliff – You Can Get It If You Really Want
  2. Scott – Draw Your Brakes
  3. The Melodians – Rivers Of Babylon
  4. Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross
  5. The Maytals – Sweet And Dandy
  6. Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come
  7. The Slickers – Johnny Too Bad
  8. Desmond Dekker – 007 (Shanty Town)
  9. The Maytals – Pressure Drop
  10. Jimmy Cliff – Sitting In Limbo
  11. Jimmy Cliff – You Can Get It If You Really Want
  12. Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come


  • Artwork By [Cover Illustration] – John Bryant
  • Artwork By [Reissue Art Direction] – Vartan
  • Artwork By [Reissue Design] – Mathieu Bitton
  • Artwork By [Sleeve Design] – CCS Associates
  • Other [Film Director, Producer, Writer] – Perry Henzell



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